Canadian Canoe Mini Expeditions

Our Canadian Canoe Mini Expeditions are a 24hr adventure that uses the canoe as vehicle to explore the river, to fish, forage for wild foods and carry you and your equipment to our exclusive wild camp tucked away on Bow Creek, just off the main River Dart Estuary.

When you reach camp in the mid afternoon there are many skills to learn if you’re going to ‘survive’ a night out in the wild!

Firewood will need to collected and fires lit using flint and steel, hammocks and tarps will need to be strung correctly in the woods, Silver Birch trees can be tapped to collect the delicious sap, spoons will need to be whittled out of Sycamore, Mussels and Cockles will need to be cooked over the embers and Bannocks or ‘camp bread ‘ will need to be made to go with your rabbit stew.

Spend the evening stargazing or satellite spotting away from light pollution or just relax around the campfire listening to the sounds of nature but get to your hammock early as its up for a dawn paddle before making breakfast…




Location: Stoke Gabriel or Totnes depending on the tides.

Links to the curriculum
PE – Acquiring and developing new skills, physical activity, evaluate and improve performance
Science – forces, plant and animal life.
History – Industries based on the river.
PSHE – Working as a team

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