Canadian Canoe Day Trips

Our Canadian Canoe Day Trips are a fantastic way to explore and learn.

Our qualified and experienced instructors are experts at encouraging young people to work together to successfully paddle their Canadian Canoe and possess a wealth of knowledge about the local area, its history and wildlife.

Students are fitted with buoyancy aids and paddles then given a briefing on the foreshore before practising their paddling skills in the sheltered creek at Stoke Gabriel. When the basic canoe skills have been mastered it’s time to head out onto the beautiful River Dart Estuary to paddle, play canoe games, explore, collect wild foods, learn about some of the history of the river, spot an abundance of wildlife like Seals, Kingfishers, Canada Geese and Oyster Catchers and learn about how navigate the river safely.

We stop on the riverbank to light a cook fire with flint and steel and enjoy a BBQ lunch and sample what foods they have managed to forage such as Marsh Samphire, Cockles and Sea Bass.

A fantastic adventure for students and teachers that leaves you with an appreciation of the river.




Location: Stoke Gabriel or Totnes depending on the tides.

Links to the curriculum
PE – Acquiring and developing new skills, physical activity, evaluate and improve performance.
Science – forces, flora and fauna .
History – Industries based on the river.
PSHE – Working as a team

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