Bushcraft has become increasingly popular ever since Bush Tucker Man, Ray Mears and lately the introduction of Forest School. Bushcraft is about surviving in the natural environment and the acquisition of the skills and knowledge to do so. It is becoming increasingly popular in a world where many people are separated from nature.

Backwater Adventures has set aside a large area at Colehayes Park that is dedicated to Bushcraft and boasts it’s own covered Forest School area along with forest school instructors, covered outdoor dinning area and outdoor kitchen as well as composting loos and solar showers.

Skills and challenges that can be focused on are almost endless but include:

Traditional Fire Lighting, Game Preparation, Shelter Building, Plant and Tree Recognition, Foraging and Wild Food Cooking, Safe Use Of Tools, Rope and Twine Making, Bow and Arrow Making, Wood Carving amongst others.




Location: Colehayes Park or at your venue

Links to the curriculum
PE – Acquiring and developing new skills, physical activity, evaluate and improve performance
Science – forces, plant and animal life.
History – How ancient peoples survived.
PSHE – Work- ing as a team, healthy eating

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