Coasteering is rapidly becoming one of our most popular off site activities due to its sheer level of excitement and sense of adventure as well as the team work aspect involved as you help your buddies to climb, squeeze through gaps in the rocks and encourage each other to leap into the sea. Once you are equipped with a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet its time to follow your instructor as you tackle a challenging route around Ansteys Cove.

Routes taken vary depending on the state of the tide but always start off with a quick dunk to get the wetsuits working then comes a stretch of rock scrambling over, under and around the huge boulders in the cove. The route taken can be adjusted depending on the level of ability in the group.  As you leave the boulder field you start to encounter some of the smaller, less intimidating rock jumps into deep water, your instructors are excellent at encouraging people to conquer their fear of heights and soon you can tackle some  of the higher jumps before beginning the traverse section of the trip that has you climbing along a ledge that leads you out to the mouth of the cove to yet more exciting jumping areas.




Location: Ansteys Cove, Torquay
We provide: Wetsuits, Buoyancy Aids, Helmets
You will need: Swimming gear, Towel, Training shoes

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