Canoe Day Trips

Join our qualified and experienced guides on open canoe trips on the rivers Dart, Exe, Tamar and Devon Avon.  These can be combined with basic bushcraft skills.

Canoe silently down miles of rivers, estuaries and canals, viewing otters and seals in their natural habitats. Learn basic bushcraft, campcraft and wilderness survival skills. Our Fully mobile fleet of open canoes can meet you at any of the venues listed below or call to discuss other locations and trips. Either book the canoes exclusively as a group or join us on one of our scheduled trips.

Available Trips

Open Canoe Day Trip and Bushcraft –  River Dart Estury

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We use the Canadian Canoe as a vehicle to explore some of the harder to reach areas of the Estuary where we can forage for Mussels, Oysters and Cockles, wild edible leaves, roots and fruits and fish for something larger!

We will stop at our wild camp at the mouth of Bow Creek where , after a little instruction, you can get your cook fire lit using flint and steel then figure out how to cook what you’ve foraged and if that’s not enough we will always provide a big pan of soup and show you how to make a Bannock ( camp bread )over the fire.

You will soon see that the Estuary is not only an area of natural beauty but also a fully stocked larder that can provide protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and even a refreshing drink.

All canoe and safety equipment, all bushcraft, fishing and cooking kit, hot drinks & food.
Normal outdoor clothing suitable for the conditions and a pair of wellies.
Approx. 5 hours



Open Canoe Day Trip – River Dart Estuary

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The Canadian Canoe is the ideal vehicle to explore the estuary on, they are silent, allowing you to get close to the wildlife of the Dart, stable so they are suitable for all comers and float in only inches of water allowing you to explore the creeks and shallows of the estuary that other boats wouldn’t be able to reach.

Our qualified and experienced instructors will meet you on the the beach at Stoke Gabriel, kit you out with buoyancy aids and introduce you to canoe paddling. after instruction and practice you’ll head out of the sheltered creek and head downriver with the tide to explore the river. You’ll pass through stunning Devon scenery and be able to spot a wide variety of wildlife such as Herons, Kingfishers, Seals and Buzzards.

We stop at low tide to enjoy a picnic or BBQ on the beach or visit one of the excellent riverside inns at Dittisham or Tuckenhay. We begin our return journey back to Stoke Gabriel when the tide has turned allowing the river to gently push you along the river.

All canoeing and safety equipment, cooking kit if you want to cook sausages etc, hot drinks, BBQ on request.
Normal outdoor clothing suitable for the conditions and a pair of wellies.
Approx. 5 Hours


Open Canoe Day Trip – River Torridge

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The River Torridge is a stunning gem of a river hidden in a beautiful tree lined valley. It was the home to Tarka the Otter in Henry Williamsons book.

The river is quite narrow for most of the trip, the water speeds around bends, has a series of small rapids to negotiate, rocks to dodge and weirs to portage. Dippers, Kingfishers and of course Otters can be spotted by those with a keen eye.

This trip is suitable for people who are water confident or have had a little canoeing experience and want to hone their river touring skills whether paddling tandem or solo.

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Approx. 5 Hours


Kayak Day Trips – River Dart Estuary

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Kayak trips on the Dart Estuary are suited to the slightly more adventurous amongst us, the kayak is shorter, narrower and much more responsive than its cousin the Open Canoe and paddling one can sometimes involve getting wet!

It’s a great, fun way to see the estuary that will allow you to paddle further and faster than the canoe however it has less room for luxuries such as BBQ’s and picnic blankets so we tend to bring along a simple packed lunch and a bottle of water.

All kayak and safety equipment, long john wetsuit, wind proof canoe top.
Swimming kit, warm fleece or similar to go under your long john wetsuit and a pair of wet shoes or old trainers.
Aprox. 5 Hours


Historic Exeter Canal Trip

Explore historic Exeter from the water. Canoe to the city and explore, just grab a coffee, or relax over a glass of wine or beer – Paddle your canoe gently along the Exeter canal into the heart of this historic city. Stop and explore further by foot or grab a bite to eat in one of the cafes or restaurants on the quay. Enjoy a leisurely paddle back via the ever popular Double Locks pub, or for the more adventurous, descend the two weirs south of the city on the river Exe.

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