Bushcraft Courses

For all Ray Mears enthusiasts, these experiences are run as either a dedicated bushcraft and campcraft course or combined with a mini open canoe expedition.

We offer a range of bushcraft, campcraft and survival courses and experiences that suit all ages and abilities. Our bushcraft and Wilderness Survival packages have been developed over several years and have proved to be are very popular. We can offer these to all types of groups and each course can be tailored to your exact needs, to ensure maximum benefit from these challenging and informative experiences. 

Example Course

Backwater Bushcraft

Traditional fire-lighting, bushcraft and campcraft skills, wood carving and natural cordage – If you have seen any of the Ray Mears programs on the telly, this is a great introductory course for those who fancy their chances out in the wilds. Spend an enjoyable and informative day out in the woods with our experienced instructors learning some basic wilderness survival bushcraft and camp craft skills. We will show you how to make fire without matches or lighters, learn how to build a shelter or make string from nettles. Try your hand at cooking over the open fire using the spoon you have carved from local wood.

Wild Food Experience

The Stunning River Dart Estuary is the perfect location for our Wild Food Weekend. ‘When the Tide is out, the table is set’. We will use our Canadian Canoes to explore this wonderful estuary, hunting and foraging for Food for Free. The estuary is the perfect place to rely on Mother Nature to provide for your needs. You can collect Oysters, Mussels and Cockles at low tide, gather plenty of delicious Marsh Samphire from the river bank, wild garlic from the woods, sea beet from rocky beaches and don’t forget an abundance of tasty and nutritious Nettles. The river can provide delicious Bass but only if your fishing skills are up to the job or we can head out to the mouth of the estuary to find a wealth of other fresh fish. Cook your feast on an open fire, then sit back and enjoy your meal!

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